Simply an amazing product!

After years of hard work, we're proud to offer digital marketers and online entrepreneurs not simply one great product, but possibly the most advanced webinar platform on the market.


EverWebinar redefines the paradigm for running online webinars. Internet entrepreneurs now have a way to conduct rock-solid, highly engaging, sales converting and high definition webinars, while paying a fraction to what'd they'd pay with other outdated solutions.


To quote many of our own customers: EverWebinar truly is a game changer!


Now, you too can be part of our success. Become a EverWebinar advocate, knowing that you would be proudly promoting a stellar product.

Join our partner program!

  • Affiliates

    Our program pays 40% of every sale and recurring payment generated by your referrals during their first year of membership to EverWebinar.

  • JV Brokers

    Got a network of affiliates who are ready to crush it with EverWebinar? Sign up as a 2nd tier JV Partner, and earn a 10% of every sale and recurring payment generated by your affiliates during the customer's first year of membership

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❓  How do I log in to my WJ/EW affiliate account?

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❓  How do I change my email associated with my WJ/EW affiliate account?

❓  How do I apply to the WJ/EW affiliate program?

❓  How can I be an affiliate?

❓  Where are my affiliate links for WJ & EW?

❓  What are affiliate vs. tracking links?

❓  Where are the affiliate marketing materials for WJ/EW?

❓   Can I use the WJ or EW logo or keywords in my marketing materials?

❓  How often are affiliates paid?

❓  Why haven't I been paid yet?

❓  How do I set up Paypal in my account?

❓  How do I update the tax Information in my account?

❓  Someone else got my sale, what can I do?

❓  Can I use my affiliate link for my own use?

❓  Why was I denied?

❓  What is a Reserve?

❓  Can I have a free trial subscription?

❓  Do I get a commission on the $1 trial offer?

❓  Can I use 3rd party or masking tracking links?

❓  How do I find my JV information?

❓  If I'm an affiliate for one product, am I automatically an affiliate for ALL products?

❓  If I apply as a WJ affiliate, do I also get signed up for EW?

❓  How do I change the Username associated with my Kartra account?

Affiliate Terms Of Service Summary

It is absolutely vital that every affiliate adhere to the HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS of Ethical & Legal Conduct while promoting WebinarJam or EverWebinar.


Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission has recently more clearly defined best practices for affiliate marketers, and it is our position that all affiliates of WebinarJam or EverWebinar must use these guidelines and regulations as Standard Operating Procedure during their endorsement or promotion.


Step 1 – Download and Review the FTC Document for Endorsement Guidelines


Step 2 – In addition to the FTC Guidelines, please observe the following Best Practices:


When you promote, make sure you:

  • Include your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures. The bottom line is, if you make a sale via an affiliate link, it’s because you’re getting paid to do so – be honest about that. Include these disclaimers during email or advertising promotions.
  • Include your relevant Privacy Policies on sites that you are promoting WebinarJam or EverWebinar with. ** Include your Terms of Service on sites that you are promoting WebinarJam or EverWebinar with.
  • Include your Forward Looking Earnings Statements on sites that you are promoting WebinarJam or EverWebinar with.
  • DO NOT SPAM (Do NOT send JUNK or UNQUALIFIED TRAFFIC to this Content)
  • Don’t TWITTER SPAM or Social Media Spam
  • Don’t misrepresent yourself as a “typical result” or as a “typical customer” when you promote this offer
  • Be transparent and authentic – We’ll treat your prospects with MASSIVE RESPECT!
  • When deploying paid ads, don't bid on keywords including any of our trademarked names such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, or

There will be NO commission payments paid on PERSONAL USE Sales of the Product – meaning, if the only purpose in joining this affiliate program was to get a commission on a sale for personal use of WebinarJam or EverWebinar. That’s just not cool.


Eligibility for prizes dependent on performance of monthly/yearly rebills with respect to the average. Affiliates can not encourage leads to sign up solely for the purposes of the trial sign up to obtain 3rd party bonus or play for any promotional prizes.



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