Does Your Webinar Software Stack Up?

We want the same thing you do; automated solutions for your business so you can live the life you’ve always wanted. This means helping you pick the right tools —  even if that’s not us.


StealthSeminar may have been one of the first tools on the market, and they built up an impressive list of features, but their pricing for similar plans to EverWebinar includes several hidden monthly costs. Check-out which is best for your business now.




EverWebinar and WebinarNinja offer many similar features— like hybrid webinars and full email communications. Still some big differences set these two platforms apart: pricing, marketing, and dynamic features that give your webinar the “live” event feel that converts so well. Compare them both now.


EasyWebinar and EverWebinar share many similarities — including integrated simple-to-use platforms. However, there are some big differences that set these two webinar platforms apart: audience limits, pricing, features, and scalability. Uncover the solution that wins out in the end.


Demio’s webinar software has great aesthetics. But their automated webinar feature is an add-on to higher priced plans. Plus, even the priciest Demio plans are missing features like paid webinars and direct SMS integrations. See why EverWebinar may be a better solution.



ElasticWebinar provides users with essential auto-webinar features. It covers all of your basic auto-webinar needs. But is basic the way to grow your business? What if you want to charge attendees to view your webinar? Share handouts with viewers? Or, send SMS messages without using an outside integration? Basic doesn’t cover those options. That’s why EverWebinar is the perfect fit for your business. It offers everything you’ll need for your auto-webinar broadcasts by providing MORE than the basics! Read on to learn more...


ClickMeeting has added a robust automated webinar solution marketed towards Enterprise businesses. But, unlike EverWebinar, ClickMeeting has very tight attendee limits, making them considerably less scalable 一 and they are far from affordable. Find out how ClickMeeting compares to EverWebinar.


Jetwebinar is a solid, browser-based conferencing software that also hosts automated webinars. But is this software with conferencing roots optimized for automated webinars or marketing? See how it stacks-up against EverWebinar.



See Why Others Made the Switch

I have to say Ever Webinar is one of the best tools I have ever bought - well I'm still on the trial, but will definitely will be buying it! The functionality is amazing and the service is superb. I wish I hadn't wasted weeks researching and trying out other options 🙂

Wendy Owen

EverWebinar User

I've been waiting for a solution like this ages! I pounded my list and filled a live webinar room up, then I just automated it with EverWebinar into my funnel. Result? An additional 10% ROI doing absolutely nothing! I love EverWebinar... I really do... Oh, and using it for "live" trainings for my new customers, refunds are cut in half! I love you again EverWebinar. Buy it!

Jim Brown

EverWebinar User

Automation has been a game changer for our business and I couldn't do what I do without EverWebinar. I've used lots of different webinar platforms over the years but nothing has the power, flexibility or consistency oof this platform. I am a huge fan!

Tim Stenros

EverWebinar User

I tried the same webinar for same audience using same funnel but 2 different platforms: 1) Everwebinar (ugly, buggy but with lots of scarcity alerts) and 2) Demio (nice design, very modern, but not very pushy). Conversions tanked on Demio. That made me realize those fake scarcity from everwebinar actually can be quite important to push people to buy,

Eduardo Borges

EverWebinar User

We  have been using EverWebinar since it launched. Best webinar software on the planet. Very easy to use and has some powerful features. 3x our conversions from our other webinar platforms!

Greg Vogel

EverWebinar User

I have to say... ever since using EverWebinar we’ve been able to scale our campaigns with confidence. We’re getting a whopping $27 per registrant!

Advertising is costing us $14 per registrant. What an amazing platform.

We’ve always done well, but it required a lot of ongoing effort. We used to do live webinars every single week. Although the live webinars are more profitable, they aren’t as scalable and require a rediculous amount of output.

This is all automated! Just amazing.

Peter Visser

EverWebinar User

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