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Create Pre-Recorded Webinars That Look And Feel Live

Ideal for... delivering screen sharing tutorials or PowerPoint presentations in pixel perfect quality.

All Devices in HD Glory

High definition, 30 FPS, high-quality video and audio broadcasting.

No more pixelated streaming or choppy frame rates. Whether you're broadcasting your pre-recorded webcam, a screen share, a PowerPoint presentation, or anything in between, EverWebinar will do it in superb high definition.



Flexible Scheduling

Recurring days or specific dates in the calendar

Our unique scheduling system lets you select either a specific date and time in the calendar, or recurring schedules days and times the week and time zones based on what works best for your audience.



Ideal for... Businesses that want to pre-configure their automated webinars while giving their audience plenty of scheduling options. 

Ideal for... maximizing attendance by letting your users enter your webinar right away!

On-Demand Webinars

No waiting, no scheduling, no delay... attendance conversions through the roof!

  • Just-in-time webinars

    Your users will find a webinar session about to start in just a few minutes, giving them the impression that they've arrived just at the perfect time!

  • Watch replay right away

    If you don't want them to wait, let them watch a replay so they can jump right in.

  • Join in-progress

    Your users will also be able to come right into an ongoing webinar session so they don't have to wait at all.

Everything Happens In Your Browser

No Downloads. No Hassles.

A seamless user experience, both for the presenters and the attendees. There's no plugin or App to download or install, minimizing user confusion and technical hiccups.

From Live to Evergreen in One Single Click!

Seamless import  from WebinarJam.

If you're a WebinarJam user (sold separately), you can import a previous live webinar and convert it automatically into an evergreen event... with the click of ONE button!


Absolutely everything will be replicated exactly as it happened live, second by second: the live session video, every chat line, every poll, every slide presentation, every product offer, etc. Truly an exact carbon copy of your live event.


We've coined this feature Replica Replay, and it's simply amazing!



Ideal for... WebinarJam users turning a one-off live event into a recurring, ever-lasting automated webinar!

Ideal for... blurring the lines between a live event and an automated presentation!

Live Chat!

Handle real time questions while the presentation runs on autopilot!

Discover our revolutionary Hybrid Webinar feature: blend the convenience of an automated presentation with the power and engagement of live chat and Q&A!


Your attendees, since they don't know they're joining a pre-recorded event, will want to post comments and chat just like they would in any live webinar, right? What a great opportunity to engage with them!


Simply activate the live chat feature and answer any incoming question on the fly. You can even staff a member of your team to handle the live chat for you!



Live Chat Simulator

Increase Conversions With Simulated Interaction.

Write or import your own chat history, and the system will roll it "live" through the event!


Your attendees will see all those chat lines roll in real time, making your evergreen event feel alive, real and interesting.


By the way, you can also download and import the chat history from a previous live webinar or seed pre-configured chat lines at a desired time stamp through the event.



Ideal for... Creating a live and engaging atmosphere, without the work of actually being live and responding to chats.

"It's super easy to set up, just like WebinarJam. I've used lots of other webinar programs and this one is just head and shoulders above them. I love that I can import my live webinars or import videos from other sources and have a webinar up and running for my clients."

Jim Brown,  EverWebinar User

"We  have been using EverWebinar since it launched. Best webinar software on the planet. Very easy to use and has some powerful features.


3x our conversions from our other webinar platforms!"

Greg Vogel,  EverWebinar User

Ideal for... getting to know your audience and their preferences, and to make your webinars more engaging and interactive. And, if you use webinars as a learning center, you may also quiz your students

Polls and Surveys

Quiz your audience and get to know them.

Polls and surveys are a great way to simulate live interaction. If you're a coach or a consultant, you may survey them to understand their needs. If you're a trainer or teacher, you may quiz them to test their skills, etc.


Whatever you do, interacting with your users is never a bad thing, even it it's not actually live...



Easy Split Testing

Maximize conversions and traffic value!

If you drive cold traffic to your webinars, either via paid ad campaigns or affiliate programs, you know how valuable traffic is. That is why it's crucial that you don't waste any of it!


EverWebinar allows you to easily split test your webinar landing page and its contents, and will track which version delivers better conversions.



Ideal for... Marketers running paid ad campaigns and affiliate programs. 

Ideal for... using your webinar as a sales mechanism, transacting right as the sales pitch takes place.

Active Offers

Convert your webinars into money-making events with live offer displays.

When it's time for you to make your offer, you want your audience to take Instant Action. That action needs to be simple and eye-catching.


With EverWebinar, it’s easy to pop a visually-captivating offer in front of your audience.  No more clunky web addresses that get mistyped, or non-clickable displays in your presentation!


Finally, if you want to infuse a sense of urgency or scarcity, you may limit the number of copies available or activate an expiration countdown.




"I've been waiting for a solution like this ages! I pounded my list and filled a live webinar room up, then I just automated it with EverWebinar into my funnel. Result? An additional 10% ROI doing absolutely nothing!


I love EverWebinar... I really do... Oh, and using it for "live" trainings for my new customers, refunds are cut in half! I love you again EverWebinar. Buy it!"

Kevin Porter,  EverWebinar User

"Really loving how easily it integrates with WebinarJam and the ability to interact LIVE (via the chat room) with anyone watching one of my automated webinars.


Awesome tool and this, along with WebinarJam, is the best on the market!"

Jacqueline Green,  EverWebinar User

Ideal for... Reminding registrants of your event and following up with them afterward based on the specific actions they took during your webinar.

Full Email & SMS System

Keep your subscribers in the loop!

Getting people to sign up for your webinar event is one thing... getting them to show up or follow up is a different story.


EverWebinar allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications, both via email and phone text, so your registrants never miss your events!


And post-webinar, you craft emails based on their actions such as missing your webinar, leaving early, or staying until the end.






Performance Stats In Real Time.

As a pro webinar user, you need to know what your metrics.


What are your registration and show up rates? Are your attendees are dropping out of the room early or are they staying to the end? What is your dollar-per-registrant and dollar-per-attendee values? Are your registrants logging into the room late missing half of your content?


EverWebinar will tell you all that and more!




Ideal for... marketers sending paid traffic to their webinars so they keep track of important metrics like click-through ratios, dollar-per-signup, etc.

Ideal for... Mimicking a live event and making attendees feel as if there are many people watching with them… even if they’re the only one.

Dynamic Attendance

Making your webinar feel real!

People join and leave the webinar rooms all the time during a live event, and EverWebinar replicates that natural behavior too.


You can choose to pre-define your desired attendance peak and the system will progressively build up attendance count all the way to the peak, and then it will realistically curve down as the event goes on. Or, if you would rather keep your attendance levels hidden, just disable your audience count with a click.



"Automation has been a game changer for our business and I couldn't do what I do without EverWebinar. I've used lots of different webinar platforms over the years but nothing has the power, flexibility or consistency oof this platform. I am a huge fan!"

Tim Stenros,  EverWebinar User

"I love the detailed follow up messages you can send to webinar attendees without the need of an expensive CRM. Plus, it's super easy to configure and also support multiple SMTP services."

Richard Osterude,  EverWebinar User

Gorgeous Point-And-Click Landing Pages 

Fire your web-designer. Our professionally designed templates are built to convert!

Select your favorite template from our gorgeous library, and then customize the contents as you please: colors, text copy, images, your logo, upload a video, etc. 


If you want to host those pages on our ultra-reliable cloud based servers, we provide free unlimited hosting to our customers. However, if you still want to plug the registration form directly in your own website, you can do that too by simply copy/pasting our embeddable widget!





Ideal for... passing your webinar registrants to your autoresponder, while triggering advanced IF/THEN tagging rules.

Automated Integrations

Connect with your autoresponder or CRM of choice for amazing automation capabilities!

You're probably managing your contacts database with your autoresponder or CRM software, right? With EverWebinar you can configure different rules depending on your registrants' behavior.


For example: you might want to subscribe them to a different mailing list, or to assign a different tag, depending on whether they show up to the live event or not. And, on top of that, you might want to assign yet a different tag if they watch the presentation all the way to the end.


It's this level of granularity that allows you to segment your leads with laser-level accuracy, so you can craft your follow-up marketing message based on their behavior.




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